Previous Cats

These are cats that previous have been in the cattery but have now moved to new homes.

(N)Noja's Babette the Featherduster

Aka: Busa, Busefisa
EMS: MCO d 09 23, Red mackerel tabby with white
Dob: 22.11.2011
Gender: Female
Father: CH Calmatocat Othello MCO e
Mother: GIC Mydeles Frøya MCO f 09 24
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BIV x 2 || NOM x 2

(N)Noja's Rapunzel

Aka:Punzel, Punzer'n
EMS: MCO f 23
Dob: 19.11.13
Gender: Female
Father: SC (N)Innocent Rose's Dr.Jekyll & Mr.Hyde, MCO a(s)
Mother: (N)Noja's Babette the Featherduster, MCO d 09 23
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GIC (N)Mydele's Frøya

Aka: Frøya, Tøysa
EMS: MCO f 09 24, Blacktorbiespotted with white
Dob: 21.01.2008
Gender: Female
Father: EC Alamoosook, MCO n 09 23
Mother: WW'04 SW'04 / CFA AMC EC My Maine av Persicum DSM, MCO f 22
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BIV x 5 || NOM x 5

Frøya now lives with Linda Ramberg in Oslo

CH(N)Calmatocat Othello

Aka: Othello, Tello
EMS: MCO e, Creme Solid
Dob: 21.12.2009
Gender: Male
Father: (N)Calmatocat Leonardo, MCO n
Mother: (N)Big Kitty Quintessa, MCO g
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BIV x 7 || NOM x 5 || BIS x 2

Othello now lives with Hildur Ellen Vangseng in Gjøvik