Tangled - Born 19.11.13

SC (N)Innocent Rose's Dr.Jekyll & Mr.Hyde X (N)Noja's Babette the Featherduster

(N)Noja's Rapunzel FemaleMCO fs 23 StaysPictures
(N)Noja's MaximusMaleMCO ds 09 23Lives with Marit and family in AskimPictures


Rescuers Down Under - Born 04.05.12

CH (N)Calmatocat Othello X (N)Noja's Ellie Mea

(N)Noja's Miss BiancaFemaleMCO e Live with Katarina in Budapest/BergenPictures
(N)Noja's FalooFemaleMCO es 24Lives with Silje in VestbyPictures
(N)Noja's MarahuteMaleMCO as 09Lives with Silje in FredrikstadPictures
(N)Noja's KrebbsMaleMCO as 24Lives with the Stensland Haugnæss family in MjøndalenPictures
(N)Noja's Doctor MouseMaleMCO es Lives with Christiansen/Spydevold family in GressvikPictures


Beauty and the Beast - Born 22.11.2011

CH (N)Calmatocat Othello X GIC (N)Mydele's Frøya

(N)Noja's Babette the FeatherdusterFemaleMCO d 09 23Stays in cattery[Pictures]
(N)Noja's BelleFemaleMCO e 22Live with Randi and Arne in Vanvikan[Pictures]
(N)Noja's GastonMaleMCO n 09 23Live with Ilona and Simon in Bodø[Pictures]
(N)Noja's LumièreMaleMCO e 22Live with the Mollø-Christensen family in Bærum [Pictures]


The Rescuers - Born: 09.02.2011

SC (N)Innocent Rose's Dr.Jekyll & Mr.Hyde X GIC (N)Mydele's Frøya

(N)Noja's Ellie MeaFemaleMCO gs 09 22Stays in cattery[Pictures]
(N)Noja's Madame MedusaFemaleMCO g 23 Lives with Lene in Sandefjord[Pictures]
(N)Noja's OrvilleMaleMCO ds 24Lives in Innocent Rose's cattery[Pictures]
(N)Noja's RufusMaleMCO ds 24Lives with Therese and Per Ståle in Reistad[Pictures]
(N)Noja's EvinrudeMaleMCO ds 09 24Lives with Ann-Marie and John Paul in Fredrikstad[Pictures]
(N)Noja's BernardMaleMCO as 09 24Lives with Tommy and Ulrikke at Kjeller [Pictures]



|| This litter became BIS - Best in Show at Spinneriets catshow in Gothenburg 21.may 2011
|| Dette kullet ble BIS - Best in Show på Spinneriets katteutstilling i Gøteborg 21.mai 2011