About us

Hi I'm a 34 years old girl who lives in Aurland, Sogn og Fjordane, about 170km from Bergen Norway. I grew up in the countryside in the southeast of Norway with a lot of dogs, mostly bernese mountain dogs but also other breeds and other animals. Got my first cat in in 2003 from the animal shelter in Oslo, a small wild black cat I named Mulan. My friend also got a kitten at the same time named Rampus that I later took over and have lived with me till february 2009, when he moved to my neighbour, Mulan left us in 2005 when she got ill.

In 2005 I laid eyes on my first maine coon and I was sold!! A coworker had purchased two kittens and had brought them to work with her, as soon as the two boys got out of the cage I decided that I would get one to. And two years later I bought my first appartment and started looking for a breeder that I wanted to buy a cat from. Since I lived in a kennel as young it was important for me to see the cats in the cattery, and get a good communication with the breeder. I visited some breeders and talked with some more, but one evening I was at the office and looked on www.mainecoonforum.com and there was a beautiful blue boy and I was sold. Called the breeder and asked if I could come visit, and went within the hour. And when I got the little boy in my lap I was sold, and asked if I could have the honor to buy this cat and I got a yes!! I visited Elliot, as I named the boy after the dragon in Disneys Pete's Dragon, almost every week until I got to take him home two months later.

I got to go to a catshow with the breeder when Elliot was three months, and got hooked on that to and entered all shows I could manage. After some shows I started to go steward for the judges and loved that to. My interest started heading for breeding and I tried to learn all I could from my cats breeder and other breeders I got to know through the forum and catshows, and still learn a lot because you never finish learning. But now I'm going to start this and do my very best to breed healty and good looking(after the Fife std) maine coons with good temper.

So are you interested in my plans, cats or kittens just send me a email or call me(before 9pm)

Contact info
Jeanette Haugen
Skjerdalsvegen 5745 Aurland
Phone: +47 400 92 281 email: jeanette@nojas.no